What can go wrong?


Why really?

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to have a healthy, young, strong, beautiful, and well-shaped body.  Entire industries are built on the human pursuit of a beautiful body.

There are innumerable reasons for not being able to find a successful formula for that desired body. But let’s look at (quite honestly, in the eyes) two very common failure options.

We try, to starve ourselves and suffer the long-desired body.


In general, we’ve read tons of magazines, watched YouTube videos, containing wise tips and the top 10 ways to get your dream body in X days. Among the most common tips (understand the deception) are:

– to limit fat to the maximum

– eat just a little (in other words – straight to starve)

– eat mostly salads

– .. or just fruits

– to do aerobics, jogging or other cardio

And what’s going on?


We are embarking on another diet already stressed, with the expectation of being subjected to an X-day fasting diet in which they will starve, lose weight and suffer.

In the most general case, the day begins with the low-fat yogurt, followed by apple, at lunchtime, there are 1-2 rice cakes and the evening ends with a salad.

That, dear people – doesn’t work!

Deprive your body, give it no quality food, therefore – you will not have any energy and tone during the day.

At the same time, you are draining water from your body, losing some muscle mass, and when you step on the scales, you are quite happy saying “Yes, I’m losing weight”.

YЕS but NO.


The low fat (defatted products) are the industry’s most grate fabrication, they contain the “hidden” fats, the wrong kind, which is directly “glued” where they shouldn’t.

And by depriving your body of proper fat, it is forced to produce it because you have put it into “distress” mode and it begins to accumulate.

The sad result is that by the end of another torturous starvation, you again devastate the refrigerator, buy sweets such as waffles, biscuits, sweet balls, and ice cream, and over time the lost muscle mass recovers ..in the form of fat.




Our mind has finally spoken and after consultation with a specialist, we have an individual nutrition and training plan! Hurray!


And what sabotages us here?

Take a large mirror and take a good look at the saboteur’s face. Well, well ..how come? I want it, I want to lose weight and get the wonderful body of my dreams?

Where am I losing it?

– From our experiences described above, we have gained and reinforced our belief that by going on a particular diet, we are again entering a hateful zone of deprivation and starvation.

And why not try to look from another point of view? In fact, you already know without a doubt which foods are best for you.

And – oh, surprise!

Foods that you have avoided all your life because someone has told you that they are getting fat!

And now it turns out that not only you are allowed to eat them, but they will also help you lose weight.

You have a wide choice of foods and your daily routine is nothing like starvation!

So, what does the picture look like now? It looks like a culinary Party to me and a bunch of fallen limits.

– We find a lot of excuses – we are very busy, the work is very dynamic and it does not allow us to follow the diet, we do not have time to eat, we do not have time to exercise … We do not have time for ourselves?

– Although the meeting with the consultant was very motivating and uplifting, after a week or two, the initial enthusiasm seemed to dampen, quiet down, and we decide that there was no need to “harass” any nutritional and training plans …

I’m fat all my life what will happen if I’m a little bit more.

And we go back to the comfortable rails we are used to, and we continue to lead a lifestyle that we know does not do us any good.

Wait a minute … how come? Aren’t we VERY MUCH wanting the dream body? And we don’t have time for ourselves? But we find time for everything else? And we no longer want… but at the same time, we really want a lot!

Even I got confused!!!


Mirzakarim Norbekov is a very wise and straightforward man.

In his book, “The Experience of a Fool Who Came to the Insight on Getting Rid of Glasses’’, he very openly and, very briefly, describes this syndrome.

“Nobody wants anything harmful. Everyone wants to be healthy, rich, beautiful, happy. But did you take that particular step …???

You are sitting in the armchair and want to stand, What should you do? Nothing, just a little action to peel your ass off the soft seat.

Just that? “But if you keep doing nothing, sitting around and yelling like a donkey,” I very much want to stand “  nothing will happen. Right?

If I am not involved in healing myself, can the doctor overcome my illness alone? Even if he is a wise man, he is doomed to fail to cure me

“Laziness is a treacherous thing. It will find all forms and manifestations to deprive you of your desired goal. “

Its most immediate, sincere form is typical for children who say ‘No, I don’t want to.’

The smart form is characteristic of adult adults. They say,

“I can’t because of one thing, my age doesn’t allow me, I live far away”.

The active form is when we do business:

“I’m very busy, it’s awful, I don’t have time”.


In other words, I have absolutely no time left to live. Not a minute. “

“Laziness is the quest for peace. Peace strives for its highest ideal – absolute peace, eternal peace.

Laziness is a miniature of death


The best defense is the attack, so your laziness will take an active offensive on all fronts.

Your victory would mean defeat for the laziness. Even more it steered you discreetly and steadily for so many years. Sleeping in your will, it turns you into just a piece of meat. Therefore, laziness will definitely find strong arguments for you to raise your hands and surrender. Its life is at stake! “

Does Mirzakarim Sankulovic seem extreme and sharp?  Maybe.

But he has succeeded in pushing thousands of people to return to good sight at the threshold of blinding.

Only with the power of thought and a few exercises.  With mental and physical gymnastics. Difficult task, right? And you only need to remove a few pounds of fat from your back (ass, abdomen, thighs, arms, etc.).

And all those “compelling” reasons that set you apart from achieving what you so much want is YOUR laziness. Dressed in various and beautiful shapes, of course

Well … did you get the picture? If there is anything that limits, hinders, it is you, once again, trapped in your own laziness.

As always, the right choice is entirely yours – to stay in the paws of laziness, or to get out of the armchair.

Your consultant (personal trainer, nutritionist etc.) is an important key in the whole equation – look for him/her every time you feel uncertain, lose direction and incentive.

He will support you and will be there for you. But remember that without you, there are no miracles. All depends on you. Well, did you make the choice?

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