What does my body want?


Let’s understand how we can improve our bodies. What can we do to significantly extend our stay here? Not only that, let’s understand how we can make our bodies much better and more optimal? Live the way we always wanted.

To be healthy, have a lot of energy so that we can do whatever we want with our body. It is not our limit, on the contrary, it gives us full freedom and helps us?

To understand all this, we must first find out what its needs are. Yes exactly! Our body has needs that some of us are quite disturbing significantly. The human body, like the body of every living being, is infinitely more perfect than the most perfect machine ever bold.

Our bodies are made up of 100 trillion cells


Each one of us is a whole universe that we govern with the free choices we have, the decisions we constantly make.

Consider yourself managing a whole universe of cells.


Do not underestimate them, because each of them is a separate organism. In addition, each of them works in complete synchronization with all others.

Each of them is ready to give his life at any moment for the good of the whole organism, each of them is ready to die at any moment, so that you can be well, sacrifice for you.

The cells are just like us, they have needs, they communicate with each other, they know what is happening, they are ready to sacrifice for a cause (you).

Depending on the care you take for your body –

depend and the signals it will send you –

Overweight is a problem affecting an increasing proportion of humanity.

It can be a cause of many health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, some cancers, sleep apnea, liver disease, kidney disease, skin problem (cellulite, stretch marks, acne), pregnancy problems, and more.

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Being overweight also leads to some behavioral and personality problems.


Even we don’t admit it, there is subconscious discrimination against overweight people. Do you know that, according to statistics, overweight people find  harder work? They are also more prone to depression, low self-esteem and a number of other emotional problems. To prevent all this, do not forget about your body’s needs:

– Treat it like a friend because

“Your body is your temple”

Movement is life!

– Take its time.  Just 5 minutes of normal showers are not enough. Once a week perform exfoliation procedures, massages, manicures, pedicures.
– You are forbidden to speak badly about your body.  “What fat thighs I have”, “My ass is big” … this must stop! Negative thoughts lead to negative consequences!

– Thank for your body. Your body is your most loyal servant, who deserves a big “Thank You” for serving you faithfully and defining much of what you are. To thank him, practice regularly, practice your favorite sport. So you will constantly prove how beautiful it is and how many amazing things it can do.

Would you give your body everything it needs?

I think it would be in your favor to do it.

Reach the dreaming body!

The choice is yours! You have the power to turn your home (body) into your ally, with which to achieve all your dreams!

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