Welcome to the Quiz What body type do you have?

There are about 120 kilocalories in a glass of milk, no matter who drinks it. But in some the calories round the abdomen and hips. In others, they get up straight for energy and go for a morning run through the park. And in the third, calcium from milk settles in the kidneys and leads to kidney crises.

This is because in each of us the food is transformed according to the attitude of the body. But also of the spirit - by the character and temperament.

Some of this is hereditary, and some we add because we do not feel sorry for our bodies. That is why some foods heal us and others turn into kidney stones. People are of 3 different types of nutrition according to the attitude of the body and psyche. To find out what type you belong to, take the test. See which foods are most useful for you and bring you the most energy.

1. How do you get involved in a new, little-known job?
2. How do you remind yourself of the received information?
3. How do you gain weight and lose weight?
4. How do you make decisions?
5. Do you worry often?
6. How are you walking?
7. How do you talk?
8. What is your sleep?
9. How do you eat?
10. What kind of facial skin do you have?
11. Can you easily be annoyed?
12. Is your mood changing often?
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