We accept the body and mind for two separate things.

We divide them and consider them to be independent. Some of us are following on the path of developing our minds and completely neglecting the body. Others do the opposite – they sculpt their body like an artificial statue, leaving their minds in the background.

Few of us think that the body and mind are unified. What we do to one affects the other. Only the synchrony between them leads to the results we want.

Nowadays, people have no problem with not knowing how to eat or how to exercise properly.

The problem we have is not in the lack of information but in our inability to control ourselves. An inability resulting from the fact that we are not able to listen to our body, follow its signals and give it what it needs.


Our body is our life history


Biography of the choices we made. The body is simply the material image of everything that happens in our minds.


The body never lies


Even when we are silent, the body speaks. Only those who are observant and wise enough can “read” a person, just by the way he looks. Looking at the shell, you can often understand what lies beneath the surface. As long as you know how to “read” the signs.


The body and the psyche are connected. What is hidden in the mind is ‘written’ into the eyes on the body.

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To do this, let’s look at the connection between being overweight and the mind.


The fuller a person is, the more space they occupy. Large shapes require more space.

What lies in such a person’s mind?


If you are observing people, you may have noticed that fuller people always feel as if they are lacking in attention. One way or another, they do not feel significant enough. Something in them constantly insinuates that they are not enough. There is a conflict between what they think they deserve and what they actually get.

Remember that the body always reflects the mental attitude. Therefore, it seeks to offset any one-sidedness and bring all to balance. If there is a deficit in the mind, the body tries to compensate for it. We do not feel important, we want to occupy more PLACE in life, the body reacts – the pounds accumulate. Our behavior is such as to support this purpose of mind and body. We start with uncontrollable attacks of hunger for food, that in fact is a hunger for emotions.

On the other hand, people who are overweight usually have some kind of trauma (mental) that they are trying to cover up. They feel hurt and want to hide it. Being overweight is kind of a cover. Being fuller so that you hide under the layers of fat. Be not attractive enough in the eyes of others so that you do not have to protect yourself.

So before we start dieting, we have to resolve our internal conflicts. Because our body is a reflection of what is happening.

We believe you deserve the best, but the one who can achieve it is only you. So stop wasting time do what’s best for you.

Reach the dreaming body!

You can do it!


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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness

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