90% of women have cellulite


Whether they are slender or rounded, 90% of women have cellulite they want to get rid of.

This “dream” is not unattainable, but desire to “win”, good reflexes and appropriate treatment are required.

Cellulite is “invented” by nature as a reserve of the calories needed for the child to survive in the mother while growing up.

Nature decides that all women, even the weakest, would have a similar supply so that they could breastfeed and survive in the cold.

Therefore, no matter how unfair it may seem to you, from puberty onwards, you, as a woman, are genetically programmed to “store” fat in your lower body.

Peaty but we do not live in those times when rounded hips and curves were a symbol of temptation. For good or for evil, not only the conditions of life but also the canons of beauty are changing.

Today, if anything, at least we are well-fed, we live in warmth and we don’t need those fat deposits.

But … you can’t change your morphology. It remains a consolation that the fat accumulated there prevents cardiovascular problems during menopause.

What is … “orange skin”?


Specialists usually refer to cellulite as loose fat deposits on the thighs, calves, and arms.

The roundness called gynoids does not always transform into cellulite. But under the influence of female hormones (estrogens), heavy eating and a sedentary lifestyle can sometimes inflate fat cells up to 60 times their size.

By squeezing collagen fibers, nerves and blood vessels, these enlarged cells impede blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

As a result, blood vessels pass some of the water and toxins out. The connective tissue is damaged and seeped in with fluid, inflates, hardens and “closes” the fibers and cells in a similar way to the way the filaments in the veal fillet are “packed.”

And to sound beautiful, we call it “orange skin”.

Why skin loses elasticity


In the case of excessive use of sweet and meat and insufficient fruits and vegetables, the body processes the poisons into acidic salts, which are deposited in the form of slag and lead to a loss of tissue elasticity.

Other causes are lack of oxygen and movement. It is not about heavy exercise, but light exercise and regular fresh air walk. These are some of the hypotheses for the causes of cellulite.


The six stages of cellulite


So far, scientists do not agree on where cellulite-norm ends and cellulite-pathology begins. There is no uniform classification. Some doctors identify four stages of cellulite, others six. According to most scientists, the initial stage of cellulite is a normal physiological feature of the female body.

Stage one

– small swelling. The skin is still smooth, but the fluid begins to retain in the subcutaneous fat. Wounds and bruises are more difficult to heal.

Second stage

– edema is increasing. Irregularities occur that are noticeable in muscle tension.

The third stage

– an “orange peel” is seen on the “contraction” of the skin. The fluid begins to compress the arteries. Superficial veins cannot cope with their activity. Blood is retained in the capillaries. Seals and bruises appear that are difficult to pass.

Stage Four

– Cellulite is clearly visible even with relaxed muscles. Due to a lack of blood, the skin in these areas is cold with a blue tint. There is a pain when pinching and pressing.

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The fifth and sixth stages


– Cellulite area increases appear on the hands. Perhaps the most correct is the opinion of scientists who say that the first three stages should be considered a cosmetic defect, and the fourth is already a disease.

There are three known factors that influence the appearance of cellulite – heredity, age, and lifestyle.

If women of your family have suffered from cellulite, it will soon appear to you as well.

Its development is also aided by hormonal problems, disorders of the thyroid and pancreas, circulatory disorders, metabolism, excess weight, poor nutrition, frequent stress, immobilization, weight play (known as the “yo-yo” effect).

Many ladies do not take this fact into account and, are often changing their weight, managing to turn the light cellulite into ugly cellulite.


How To Get Rid Of Orange Skin?


Remember that cellulite occurs where the muscles are inactive. If you don’t move, ignore sports and walking, “orange skin” will quickly emerge.

With intense muscle work, blood and lymph flow and the skin remains healthy and supple. So take the time to exercise daily, regularly. Cellulite increases with long-standing in the same posture.

– Use special cosmetics

The new complexes containing intense moisturizing components, valuable natural oils, and herbal extracts are very effective in combating cellulite: they prevent the ingress of glucose into cells and thus stop the synthesis of fats.

Preparations containing the active substances of brown and red algae act as drainage, preventing the accumulation of liquids.

They also nourish the skin and exert the necessary emollient, regenerative effect, because algae contain proteins, amino acids, various vitamins, and trace elements. But these preparations will only help you if used in conjunction with massages and regular exercise.

– By caffeine, regular massages and proper nutrition.

They undoubtedly also help in the fight against cellulite. For full and long-term effects, it is always recommended to combine them with exercise, regardless of the cause of cellulite.

Do not choose a fast or easy way to solve the problem. Choose the CORRECT – Exact physical exercises that target your lower body.

Do not give up!

Cellulite is a disaster, but it is not invincible!

It is up to you the cellulite to stay in the past and you to enjoy your beauty!

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