Welcome to the Quiz Are you a rational or emotional person?


Are you a rational or emotional person? You will find out after taking the Quiz.

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1. Do you have waves of emotions?
2. Do you try to avoid awkward situations and people with whom you feel uncomfortable?
3. Do you seek approval for your actions among all your acquaintances?
4. Do you have the ability to look at yourself from the side?
5. Are you afraid to be alone?
6. Do you have the feeling that you no longer control the course of your life?
7. Don't you think that the feeling of depression is a sign of weakness?
8. Don't you think that one hundred percent of good relations are generally impossible?
9. Do you have a sense of isolation from the outside world?
10. Do you ever dislike yourself?
11. Do you get depressed?
12. Do you have the feeling that you can no longer give anything to anyone?
13. Don't you think that your acquaintances don't treat you very well?
14. Do you avoid contact with people?
15. Do you feel dissatisfied with yourself and hide your malice?
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