What’s More Important to Lose Weight? Nutrition or Exercise


Perhaps the first question that comes in the mind of any individual who decides to change their physique is: “What really matters more nutrition or exercise?”

An interesting issue that besides trainers, has for long been concerning nutritionists, scientists and fitness coaches.

There has been debate on more than one occasion in an attempt to favor one or the other. Usually, the answer depends on the goals: reducing excess weight or increasing muscle mass.

The truth is, however, that nutrition and exercise are inextricably linked, moreover – they are part of the same formula – the one of success. Depending on your goal, it may look different, but it is always linked to the calorie balance between the calories you eat and the calories you burn. It is absolutely impossible to achieve any results,  without paying attention to both!

However, in certain stages, it is necessary to give preference to one component in order to increase the chances of success.


When to pay attention to nutrition and when to exercise?


Option # 1: If you are a beginner, concentrate on eating!


At this point, your muscles are not used to physical activity and almost every workout program can produce positive results in both increasing muscle mass and melting excess fat. Therefore, you do not have to strive to perform the most difficult and intense exercises.

Even the perfect workout program is not able to save you from eating errors!

On the contrary, a bad diet often makes the efforts you make in the gym useless. You will desperately train and continue to accumulate fat if you do not keep track of calories and macronutrients. That will prevent you from achieving your desired goal.

For this reason, if you are in the beginning and have poor knowledge of proper nutrition, you should first obtain comprehensive information on the subject. Nutrition should become your top priority. Improving nutrition, rather than a change in exercise plan, is more likely to contribute to rapid and quality progress.


Here are some basic principles of nutrition:


– Divide your daily calorie intake between 5-6 meals instead of the standard 2 or 3 meals;

– Eliminate non-nutritional foods such as trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates;

– Replace them with “good fats” (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated in the right ratio) and natural, unprocessed carbohydrates;

– Enrich your menu by including complete sources of protein.

– This is the base without which you are nowhere. Once you lay the groundwork for future workout progress, improving your diet will be much easier and will happen on its own.

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Option # 2: If you are advanced, concentrate on your workouts!


The time has come when the diet is adjusted and there is no need to make any further changes in this direction.

However, in training, things are quite different. The training plan that you prepared at the beginning should certainly be changed periodically.

At this point, your body is already accustomed to a load of strength training. This means that if you have adapted to a training program relatively slowly so far and it has yielded almost instant results, then adaptation will happen faster in the future, and therefore progress will be more difficult to achieve.

But “difficult” is not equivalent to “impossible”. If it’s not difficult, then you’re not making enough effort, right?

What should become your primary goal is to seek out and apply new training methods that will challenge your body.

The good news is that the training variables to increase the effectiveness of the workouts are many – you can change the intensity, volume, series, reps, breaks between them, and apply different training methods such as superseries, pyramid, dropships and more.


So, for overall long-term results, first, adjust your diet and then your workout plan.


Remember that if workouts allow you to take a step forward, then eating errors always go back two steps.

Therefore, if you want to move confidently towards your goals, always remember the following:


Nutrition and exercise are equally important and should not be separated!


They go hand in hand, complement each other, and work in sync to make achieving our goals possible.

Reach the dreaming body!

You can do it!

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