The problem of being overweight is a worldwide problem. In one way or another, being overweight influences the assessment of others. Often the conclusions are unfavorable for the overweighted person.

This happens at a subconscious level. The first associations that come to terms with a relaxed and full body are laziness, sleepiness, limited mobility, health problems.

And although the chance to be hired should depend only on his or her qualifications, unfortunately, overweight people are convinced that this is not quite the case.

Proof of this is a study conducted on a large group of students. They were shown CVs with photos of 12 different women.

What they don’t know is that the ladies are 6 in number. In one photo, they are of the previous rounded appearance, and in the other, they are diminished beyond recognition.

Students need to take on the role of the employer.

According to the information they see, they have to determine the potential of each, whether they would hire her, in what position and at what salary.

Unfortunately for the full ladies, the results fully confirm that workplace discrimination caused by the pounds is completely there.


Employers prefer to hire normal-weight ladies over those who are overweight.



Psychologists explain that often complexes generated by excess weight interfere with communication with others.

This is also evident in the job interview when it concerns appearance and leads to a lack of confidence and motivation to work.

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People subjected to discrimination can even gain more weight


People subjected to discrimination can even gain more weight, according to Guardian scientists.

Making overweight people feel bad doesn’t help them lose weight. The researchers found that 5% of all those discriminated gained an average of 0.95 kg, while others lost an average of 0.71 kg.

The team at the University College London, who conducted the study, said the new data contradicts the widely held notion that mockery motivates overweight people to lose weight.

“There is no reason to discriminate someone because of their weight,” said study author Dr. Sarah Jackson, “and our study proves that this can have the exact opposite effect.”

 “The stress response from discrimination can increase appetite, especially for unhealthy, heavy foods,” she adds. “Obviously, that attitude is part of the problem, not the solution. Everyone, including doctors, should stop blaming overweight people and help them lose weight permanently, ” says Dr. Jackson.

Discrimination in the workplace exists


The truth is that even when we try to overcome it, discrimination in the workplace exists and it “works” at its fullest.

In the years where, unfortunately, appearance is of the utmost importance, there is nothing left for us but to lose weight, get rid of complexes and love again our body so that we will regain our confidence and impress with our personal qualities.

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