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You all know friends, who seem to be “fitness maniacs”?

They are 7 days a week in the gym, training hard, maybe looking relatively fit, or have been fighting for years with pounds?

You have friends like that, I’m sure.

Or maybe you’re among them? You make efforts, you are consistent, you have been trying for years, but ..the result is still not coming. The dream body remains only in the realm of dreams, yet it fails to materialize. The fat does not melt away, and the dream figure looks even much distant.

I’m sure you even think it’s just the structure of your body, genes predispose things and you just can’t get a tight look at a fitness model. Is it so?


Let’s see what the most common ideas for proper fitness training, do with your body.


Cardio wave.

 I’ll be direct. With cardio-you know: path running, cycle ergometers, cross-trainers, and other expensive but useless devices, there is NO chance of fat loss.

None.  Not the way you usually do it – you get on the cardio device and with the hours and the masochistic sequence, you pedal, scroll foot by foot, and eagerly monitor the dashboard that burns calories.

And you think you’re losing weight. Yes, but not quite.

What you are doing is signaling to the body, “I’m into several long hours of monotonous work here, to save me the energy I will need.”

Finally, you leave the hall with shaky legs, a total lack of energy and ..slow metabolism. At best, if you have not given yourself a lot of dawn, you may have a general feeling of body tone.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not completely deny the cardio, and it has its place in a workout, namely – in the warm-up, where it should be intense with intervals, and eventually at the end of the workout – for muscle relaxation and general toning. (Cycling is a totally different thing )

The weirdest part is that the mass fitness industry is working in the direction of – expanding the space where cardio equipment is present, building “women’s” gyms that are full of them.

Even in the gym where I train lately, 2/3 of 1000 (thousand !!) square meter area is occupied by cardio equipment… Maybe because they follow fashion.  And the financial flow is followed by interest.

Interestingly, the word industry intervened again. I suppose the industry would be slightly threatened if people increased their level of physical literacy and started modeling their bodies successfully.



Isolated machine exercises or exercises with weights.


I am very surprised by the people who proudly distribute their training by day and muscle groups.

And they indulge in a series of isolated exercises.  An isolated exercise is to say – one that strains only a certain muscle load, including the movement performed and other, usually smaller muscles that support the work of the large.

Movement is usually contraction-dissolution… contraction-dissolution… and it does not actually develop the muscle you think you are loading!

Some of the members of this group are guys who measure their biceps every day. Usually quite disproportionate because they forget they have legs, breasts, abdomen, shoulders … This is a good case – if they still managed to achieve any result.

Others just fly from machine to machine, make hyperextensions and abdominal presses, and wonder why they don’t have Apollo’s vision yet.

Well … it’s a little difficult to get there. At least with this way of training.

Yes, big pumped builders use isolated exercises.

But after years of practicing functionally, with multiple exercises. And they continue to do so. Isolated exercises are the “fine-tuning” – they refine the already built up muscles.


The body itself is a very smart machine.


It works perfectly – intuitively, without specifically learning the movements.

The most common and commonly used daily movements from an early age are – pushing, pulling, sitting, straightening, squatting, throwing, lifting things, turning, etc.

To perform these movements, the body uses a bunch of muscles.

And the great “secret” of successful workouts that lead to a tight, lean, fat-free, strong body is precisely the workouts that use movements that resemble those natural body movements.


This is called “functional training”.


Functional, because it encourages the body to develop and refine its functions because it develops the functionality of all muscle groups.

Functional because it is productive.

Functional because it works.


Even with only your own weight, a good combination of exercise and the right intensity, you can achieve good results.

And the next level is the weights. Yes, even for the ladies.

Throw in pink dumbbells, dear ladies, and focus on the iron.

Because this is how you get the results you want. Different types of squats, burpees, pushups, squeaks ..and more I can add to the list of proper exercises. 


Another important ingredient without which you cannot achieve results is nutrition.


No, you can’t lose weight unless you change your diet.


There is no such magic. I’m not talking about diets, deprivation, and starvation. I am talking about proper, quality food, in the right combination, quantities and time of day.

Last but not least – set yourself measurable goals: 10 inches shorter hips, 2 kilometers running, fat below the X percent.

Define your goal and work with a clear vision for the goal you have achieved in your mind. The fact is that any workout, no matter how you do it, is better than a passive lack of movement.

But training for a purpose already has the power of stated intention. And it is very easy to track the results (or lack of such).

 You read. Keep yourself informed. Find a personal trainer/consultant. Take a step towards change.

The real one.

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Thank you!

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