Does happiness in life depend on the quality of your thoughts?


Let’s start with a short story

A student asked his teacher:

– You’re so wise. You are always in a good mood, never angry. Help me become like you.

The teacher agreed and told the student to bring potatoes and a transparent sack.

– If anyone angers or offends you – the teacher said – get a potato. On one side, write your name on the other the name of the person you are in conflict with. Then put the potato in a sack…

– Is that all? – said the student in disbelief.

– No – the teacher replied. – You should always carry the bag with you. And every time you are offended by someone, you add one potato.

The student agreed…

It’s been a while. A few more potatoes were added to the sack and it became quite heavy. It was terribly uncomfortable to carry it with you.

But not only that – the first potato began to rotten. It covered with slippery mucus, sprouted, and started to smell bad.

The student went to the teacher and complained:

– It’s no longer possible to carry this bag with me. First, it got very heavy, and second, the potatoes are rotten. Suggest something else.

But the teacher replied:

– The same thing happens in your soul. When you are angry or offended by someone, a heavy stone appears in your soul. You just don’t notice it from the beginning. It gradually grows.

Acts become habits, habits – into a character that gives birth to evil vices. And it’s easy to forget about that load, even though it’s too heavy to carry around with you all the time. Your life has been poisoned by hard and stinking thoughts. When you change your mind, then you will breathe clean air and live a good life.


Leave the bad in the past and don’t carry it around with you, like a smelly sack of potatoes…


We create our own vices. Do you really want to put a mess of potatoes on your back? Unload them every day and you will be amazed at how much space you have for creative, productive, and effective thoughts and ideas.

When a bad thought arises and we do not adhere to it, we weaken its power. So we will repel it and it will disappear from our minds without leaving any lasting traces.

It is the same with our inner disturbance. It only becomes a problem when we cling to it. In fact, left to themselves, internal disturbance, bad thoughts, and energies would disappear – they would self-destruct!

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How does this actually work?


To do this, we must achieve peace between mind, spirit, and body. That is how we would act in harmony with the laws of nature and life.


Meditation comes to the rescue.


This is where meditation comes to the rescue. It helps us to live in peace with ourselves, to unlock our full potential of opportunities we have never even suspected.

The benefits of meditation are numerous. A real weapon for achieving goals.

The loss of peace in our bodies is the problem that each of us experiences as we face the differences between all of us in reality on a daily basis.

Often, these clashes between different opinions, ways of thinking, and interpretations about things in life lead to stress, doubts in us, such as personalities and loss of faith and confidence in life.


Therefore, peace in our bodies is disturbed.


The ability to perform well in our daily lives and reach our full potential is also affected. Rare are the moments of most of us in which we encounter support, understanding, and synchronicity with others, rather than clashes of interests.

Both phenomenons have their pluses and minuses, but if we do not keep the peace between the three (mind, spirit, and body) in ourselves, we begin to “accumulate a sack of potatoes”, to give advantage to the negative thoughts, make it almost impossible to recognize the pluses…

And above all, to use them constructively for our development as individuals in society. Meditation helps us with that. Through it, we recover and recharge naturally. Because it helps us to keep our consciousness purely from negative and draining thoughts and to choose what positive thoughts to feed it.

In fact, when meditation masters talk about clearing or cleaning our minds, they actually mean pushing the destructive out so that you can put the building blocks in their place.

And the idea is never to leave your mind purely so… aimless. And just to have control over it to choose what thoughts to execute. Being able to throw out the negatives as fast as possible and hold the positive as long as possible.

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” – Mark Aurelius


If you know how to make peace with yourself, you will be able to achieve everything you know in the outside world without unnecessary strain.

And remember that the power of thought is great!

Control it properly by meditating!

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