What emotional problems does your body aches suggest?


If you are wondering is there a connection between your physical pain and your mental state, the answer is a definite “yes”. When a person is psychologically unstable and takes on negative emotions, this can lead to the appearance of real, physical pain.

There is even a whole science that deals in detail with the interaction between the emotions a person experiences and the aches and pains that cause it. This specific pain is called psychosomatic pain and is directly related to our senses.


Fear, anger, and guilt can cause not only mental but also physical pain.


Many people suffer from chronic emotional stress without even knowing it. They accumulate negative emotions, and they try to hide their emotional state. Until it gives them physical pain. If you don’t want to suffer from the discomfort in your body, caused by personal problems, accumulated with years, you need to fight the emotions and get rid of the stress and emotional package accumulated.

The pain in the back part of the neck is related to the tension that you feel from your friends. If one of them is seeking forgiveness or you are in bad relations and you need to terminate your relationship, then the pain in the neck is normal. To stop the pain, just turn to your friends and forgive them. Also, this pain is typical when you ignore problems.

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If you suffer from a severe headache, then one of the causes can be stress. That’s why even if you drink pills, it is probably not going to help you. It is better to start doing what you love to do.



Up back pain



When you do not receive emotional support, from whom you need, especially from the people you want,  you can feel pain up in your back.  Pains there may occur when people are lonely, distressed or unloved.

One of the ways to get rid of this pain is to find people you feel good with. Do you know what an important role the spine plays in your health?

It turns out that it is the pillar of your health!


Low back pain



If you are stressed for financial reasons, you may experience pain low in your back.

If you want to remove this pain, you need to start spending your money wisely and with sense.

This type of pain will not occur frequently. But if you are experiencing it, then you need to know if your body is prompting you to lead a well-functioning way of life.


Thigh pain



This pain is related to the unwantedness of taking action to enhance your life.

It can be connected with the fear of change, but do not forget some of the most beautiful things in life will happen when you overcome fear.



Elbow pain



The elbow pain is born of fear of change, uncertainty, lack of self-confidence.



Pains in the palms



Lack of friends, bad attitude from others, a sense of rejection.



Knee pain


The knees “call” because of the Ego interferes in your communication with people. When you don’t get the deserved respect and praise.



Pain in the calves



Distrust of others, jealousy, tension.



Ankle pain



The ankle pain appears in the absence of pleasure in life.



Foot pain suggests depression



You, and only you, are the ones to choose how to live, whether in happiness or in constant stress, never forget it!

Life is good! Тhink positive because thoughts determine your happiness and health!

Rejoice him and there will be no pain!

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