Welcome to the Quiz:  Do you have intuition?

Do you know how to "smell" things?

Is your inner feeling well developed?

Have fun with the test and find out!

1. You must prepare a writing homework. You:
2. They introduce you to a completely unknown person. You:
3. Your friend is about to leave you. You understand this decision of his/her because:
4. Do your friends call to ask for advice?
5. When you measure your actions, when do you gain more success?
6. Did you meet a new friend this summer?
7. A nice voice is ringing on your mobile phone by mistake. You:
8. You have to travel, but the night before you dreamed that you fell from a jet and drowned in the sea. What will you do?
9. You have decided to make chocolate cream. For the purpose:
10. You meet someone who has the same jacket as your EX. You:
11. What do you do in your free time?
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