Do you know that an average of sixty-eight thousand thoughts a day goes through your head? It’s amazing, isn’t it? This means that the quality of our thoughts is responsible for how we feel and behave in society.

This dialogue inside your mind is responsible for the autobiography of your life. Your thinking can push you to success, but it can also drive you into a disaster. So, to change your life, all you need is a mind change.

Do you control your mind or does it control you?



Realizing that you are the one holding the weel, you will know that anything is possible.

The way you feel every day depends only on your thoughts. And because it is about your own life, your thoughts are crucial. There are no doubts – for each of us, life is a struggle, in one way or another. We face disappointment, anxiety, a sense of powerlessness and financial hardship, discussing the inevitable death of the planet, not to mention the cost of self-harming traumas.

And though it is anger, stress, sadness, disgust, anxiety and whatever else it is natural to blame others, or it is only the mind that dictates our emotions and determines our behavior.

You become what you think – poverty, well-being, pain, joy, trouble, happiness, hate, love … It depends on what you choose.

How we deal with the challenges of daily life and how anxious we feel depends entirely on how we see each situation. The “goggles” through which we look at the world are important.


The thought is what matters



Simply put, if we are unable to change the people around us and our own life situation, then we can at least change what is under control. We can use the power of the mind and update our thinking, and this will undoubtedly affect our feelings.


Today, we know much more about brain activity.




We already know that the increase in the number of connections between neurons (brain cells) depends on its growth. The more you use and “test” your brain, the healthier your connections become, multiply and refresh. These discoveries have caused a fundamental change in our understanding of how the thought process itself changes the brain. You may have heard the term “plasticity” of the brain, which is related to the ability of the nervous system to adapt to changes in the environment.


Is there then something more important than what we think?




Thoughts are present in everything we do, we think every day. But many of us take this process for granted. Our mind works constantly, but many people do not devote thought to the thought process itself! There is hardly a more substantial theme than this one, it is at the heart of it all.


Just think. Take a look around. Behind everything that surrounds us is a thought.




The design of this table, the cover of this magazine, the clock, the internet, thanks to which you now read these lines, the TV, the laptop. And that plane that easily reaches an altitude of 30,000 feet …

All of the human effort involved in making the most significant discoveries, advances in medicine and advances in nutrition, engineering, architecture, and business – all of this came to mind in one’s head.

Moreover, these people have made a more difficult choice. They decided to pursue their dreams rather than adopt a comfortable position of the type: this will not work; sounds comical; not sure it will work; they will make fun of me; it is better to keep things as they are; that can’t happen. The other problem is low self-esteem: no, I’m not good enough. And so on.¬†

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As I mentioned earlier, the mind can work wonders, but the same mind can bury you.


Control your mind so it doesn’t control you!

So, we are all a product of our thinking. Every second, every minute of the day makes a timely comment in your head, it sets the intention and the future action, it defines your feelings.

The important question is: Do you exercise control over your mind or do you allow it to control you?

It is possible that your thoughts have been misleading you all your life and you thought you could not control your feelings.  This is actually the best-kept secret of the world Рthat we are strong enough to influence our own feelings. It all depends on the power of the mind, and it is at your disposal. The mind is a generator of certain emotions, but it is generous enough to allow us to change them. Did I confuse you? This is normal.

The reason for the latter is the fact that you are able to observe your thoughts. Relax for two minutes and listen to this intimate dialogue, follow it passively, as an outside observer. Do not comment on your reasoning, just watch them as if you were a casual witness.

Pay attention to the negative thoughts that arise and your tendency to give them a chance.

So, how precious did your minds in on those endless two minutes?

“Yes, the ceiling needs to be smeared … is it a spider … What time would I meet Tina, what did I say … I guess it will look fantastic in two weeks’ time. And my skin is so dry and the whole stains … this air conditioner makes such a noise … I will never have Natasha’s sex appeal … this room is miserable … I will have to get to dry cleaning today… where did I put that ticket … oh, did it take two minutes? “

Here you can expose the thoughts that swallow you. By accepting this fact, you are proving that you are out of your mind. You were watching your thought stream. Therefore, you have the power to control your mind (if you choose), rather than letting it control you.

Recognizing this simple fact could completely change the lives of millions of people.


The idea is not yet sufficiently spread, it has not gained popularity, and few are the lucky ones who have acknowledged the duality of the human mind – they, of course, profit from it.

Be Of The Few! Use the power of thought!

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