What emotional problems does your body aches suggest?


If you are wondering is there a connection between your physical pain and your mental state, the answer is a definite “yes”. When a person is psychologically unstable and takes on negative emotions, this can lead to the appearance of real, physical pain.

There is even a whole science that deals in detail with the interaction between the emotions a person experiences and the aches and pains that cause it. This specific pain is called psychosomatic pain and is directly related to our senses.


Fear, anger, and guilt can cause not only mental but also physical pain.


Many people suffer from chronic emotional stress without even knowing it. They accumulate negative emotions, and they try to hide their emotional state. Until it gives them physical pain. If you don’t want to suffer from the discomfort in your body, caused by personal problems, accumulated with years, you need to fight the emotions and get rid of the stress and emotional package accumulated.

The pain in the back part of the neck is related to the tension that you feel from your friends. If one of them is seeking forgiveness or you are in bad relations and you need to terminate your relationship, then the pain in the neck is normal. To stop the pain, just turn to your friends and forgive them. Also, this pain is typical when you ignore problems.

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If you suffer from a severe headache, then one of the causes can be stress. That’s why even if you drink pills, it is probably not going to help you. It is better to start doing what you love to do.



Up back pain



When you do not receive emotional support, from whom you need, especially from the people you want,  you can feel pain up in your back.  Pains there may occur when people are lonely, distressed or unloved.

One of the ways to get rid of this pain is to find people you feel good with. Do you know what an important role the spine plays in your health?

It turns out that it is the pillar of your health!


Low back pain



If you are stressed for financial reasons, you may experience pain low in your back.

If you want to remove this pain, you need to start spending your money wisely and with sense.

This type of pain will not occur frequently. But if you are experiencing it, then you need to know if your body is prompting you to lead a well-functioning way of life.


Thigh pain



This pain is related to the unwantedness of taking action to enhance your life.

It can be connected with the fear of change, but do not forget some of the most beautiful things in life will happen when you overcome fear.



Elbow pain



The elbow pain is born of fear of change, uncertainty, lack of self-confidence.



Pains in the palms



Lack of friends, bad attitude from others, a sense of rejection.



Knee pain


The knees “call” because of the Ego interferes in your communication with people. When you don’t get the deserved respect and praise.



Pain in the calves



Distrust of others, jealousy, tension.



Ankle pain



The ankle pain appears in the absence of pleasure in life.



Foot pain suggests depression



You, and only you, are the ones to choose how to live, whether in happiness or in constant stress, never forget it!

Life is good! Тhink positive because thoughts determine your happiness and health!

Rejoice him and there will be no pain!

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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness




Does happiness in life depend on the quality of your thoughts?


Let’s start with a short story

A student asked his teacher:

– You’re so wise. You are always in a good mood, never angry. Help me become like you.

The teacher agreed and told the student to bring potatoes and a transparent sack.

– If anyone angers or offends you – the teacher said – get a potato. On one side, write your name on the other the name of the person you are in conflict with. Then put the potato in a sack…

– Is that all? – said the student in disbelief.

– No – the teacher replied. – You should always carry the bag with you. And every time you are offended by someone, you add one potato.

The student agreed…

It’s been a while. A few more potatoes were added to the sack and it became quite heavy. It was terribly uncomfortable to carry it with you.

But not only that – the first potato began to rotten. It covered with slippery mucus, sprouted, and started to smell bad.

The student went to the teacher and complained:

– It’s no longer possible to carry this bag with me. First, it got very heavy, and second, the potatoes are rotten. Suggest something else.

But the teacher replied:

– The same thing happens in your soul. When you are angry or offended by someone, a heavy stone appears in your soul. You just don’t notice it from the beginning. It gradually grows.

Acts become habits, habits – into a character that gives birth to evil vices. And it’s easy to forget about that load, even though it’s too heavy to carry around with you all the time. Your life has been poisoned by hard and stinking thoughts. When you change your mind, then you will breathe clean air and live a good life.


Leave the bad in the past and don’t carry it around with you, like a smelly sack of potatoes…


We create our own vices. Do you really want to put a mess of potatoes on your back? Unload them every day and you will be amazed at how much space you have for creative, productive, and effective thoughts and ideas.

When a bad thought arises and we do not adhere to it, we weaken its power. So we will repel it and it will disappear from our minds without leaving any lasting traces.

It is the same with our inner disturbance. It only becomes a problem when we cling to it. In fact, left to themselves, internal disturbance, bad thoughts, and energies would disappear – they would self-destruct!

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How does this actually work?


To do this, we must achieve peace between mind, spirit, and body. That is how we would act in harmony with the laws of nature and life.


Meditation comes to the rescue.


This is where meditation comes to the rescue. It helps us to live in peace with ourselves, to unlock our full potential of opportunities we have never even suspected.

The benefits of meditation are numerous. A real weapon for achieving goals.

The loss of peace in our bodies is the problem that each of us experiences as we face the differences between all of us in reality on a daily basis.

Often, these clashes between different opinions, ways of thinking, and interpretations about things in life lead to stress, doubts in us, such as personalities and loss of faith and confidence in life.


Therefore, peace in our bodies is disturbed.


The ability to perform well in our daily lives and reach our full potential is also affected. Rare are the moments of most of us in which we encounter support, understanding, and synchronicity with others, rather than clashes of interests.

Both phenomenons have their pluses and minuses, but if we do not keep the peace between the three (mind, spirit, and body) in ourselves, we begin to “accumulate a sack of potatoes”, to give advantage to the negative thoughts, make it almost impossible to recognize the pluses…

And above all, to use them constructively for our development as individuals in society. Meditation helps us with that. Through it, we recover and recharge naturally. Because it helps us to keep our consciousness purely from negative and draining thoughts and to choose what positive thoughts to feed it.

In fact, when meditation masters talk about clearing or cleaning our minds, they actually mean pushing the destructive out so that you can put the building blocks in their place.

And the idea is never to leave your mind purely so… aimless. And just to have control over it to choose what thoughts to execute. Being able to throw out the negatives as fast as possible and hold the positive as long as possible.

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” – Mark Aurelius


If you know how to make peace with yourself, you will be able to achieve everything you know in the outside world without unnecessary strain.

And remember that the power of thought is great!

Control it properly by meditating!

6 ways to a Balanced life and Happiness Free e book


6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness




3 Proven Meditation Practices


How often do you hear “Get out of your comfort zone!”, “Test and expand your boundaries!” Meditation is one way to do it. You don’t need to climb Everest to test your limits. You can also do it in your body. And the benefits of practice are reflected in all areas of your life.

In order to become what you want and have the life you want, you have to control the kind of thoughts that you hold most often and longest in your mind. This is where meditation helps. To be an architect of your life. And your mind is a drawing board while your body is the contractor.

The benefits of meditation are numerous. A real weapon for achieving goals.

Some simple tips for starting a meditation:


– It is advisable to meditate every day, if possible at the same time, in order to be able to create a new habit.

– Do not drink coffee before meditation.

– Do not meditate after eating and choose a time of day when you are not full of energy. When you are full of energy, it is better to use it in a creative or training process involving your body.

– Prepare the place where you want to meditate, open a window to change the air, and if you want you can use aromatic oils/sticks. This is not necessary, but it is useful because you are changing the environment and it is easier to break the model you are in to enter the new meditation model.

– Choosing a not very bright place and comfortable clothes is a tip similar to the previous one – optional

– However, it is extremely important not to be interrupted during meditation, so switch off your phone, close the doors, and put a warning signal to others not to disturb your peace of mind.

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3 Types of Meditation


1. Transcendental Meditation or TM


This is the perfect exercise to pause to recharge your body and calm your mind. It’s like breaking the “reaction to the world” model. Even after waking up, we are able to interact more with the world than with our inner world. This is a moment in your daily life where you take your complete control over your mind and strengthen its connection to your body and mind.

So you are more in tune with the world. The practice is very simple. This is the easiest meditation that pays well for the effort you will make. Choose a mantra to repeat in your mind. The mantra must be a word or expression that has no meaning or value to you.

The idea is that your mantra does not trigger specific thoughts or states. You can also use sound like Ommmm, Mmmmm, or whatever you want. Your job is just to repeat it and come back to it when you feel you are thinking about something. And this is done for 20 minutes. 2 times a day. It is a good idea to do this meditation and visualization once after waking up and once between 1 and 3 hours before going to bed.


2. Preview


To prepare for the daily life and the goals we want to achieve. Ideal for goals, high productivity, unleashing potential and achieving “The Flow” (when the things you want to achieve happen with ease). Some call it “good luck”.

According to the ancient Tibetan meditation arts, luck comes when the body and mind are harmonized. When thoughts and actions become one. And the visualization helps with that. Luck is a natural state of mind, so we are all deeply drawn to it and happy when it comes to us. It is in each of us and is just waiting to be discovered. And there is a way to bring it into our lives.

However, if we seek it in an unreasonable way – selfishly – we are raising obstacles ourselves. A simple example is when we judge the things that come into our lives, even the good ones. In our selfish desires to receive more, often our attitudes towards the small riches in everyday life are neglectful and arrogant.

Yes, each of us deserves to have more, but that does not mean exercising a great ego towards the little things. In this way, we ourselves begin to train such behavior towards greater goods. And ultimately, we reject all good opportunities in our lives simply because they are not in line with our great selfish fantasies.

Be humble and accept everything you receive. Luck never comes as you expect it, so open your hearts to happy surprises. We never know where or how our greatest happiness will come. For example, the people we fall in love with. They just appear from somewhere, without planning in our lives.

Tibetan masters also advise that you can keep your luck by sharing it and learning from it instead of showing off with it. Use it by showing others how to get lucky referring to your own experiences and practices that helped you.


The idea of visualization


The idea of visualization is to have control over your states, through imagination, by presenting pictures in great detail and adding to the sounds, colors, smells, and specific sensations and feelings. And to intensify these feelings so that they are permanently installed in you.

The way to practice visualization is to imagine the desired result as if it were already a reality. This process sets your body into action to realize this reality. If you imagine the ideal workplace or position, your body will be more prepared to respond constructively or create situations that will trigger that reality.

This means that if anxiety or insecurity has prevented you from having this job or position so far, then they will gradually disappear from your behavior and in their place will generate more confidence and creativity.

This effect is made possible by the inner feeling that you know exactly what you want and have a strong desire to achieve it. And to such people, the environment responds with support to help them achieve what they want.


3. Zen meditation


It helps to find a solution to a problem … and not only. This meditation trains the willpower extremely well. What actually does this meditation best when we have a problem and are looking for a solution is that it helps us not to think about the problem for a while. Thus, the decision is more likely to catch us fast.

Here’s how to apply it:


– Close your eyes and count from 1 to 10.If you feel a passing thought before reaching 10, go back to 1. And when you reach 10, start counting again. Interestingly, very few people can get to 10 for the first time. And the second time is even more challenging.

– Another way to apply this technique is by focusing on your breathing. Inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Do it 3 times. Then inhale for 4 seconds and exhale 6, again 3 times. Then 5 and 7. Do as long as you feel comfortable.

Exercising control of breathing in this way is an ideal practice for instantly calming the body, getting out of stress, and recharging energy for a short time. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes of practice to feel the effect and feel ready to do anything right now.

It’s also ideal when you catch yourself postponing. Do the exercise and you will have the power to be activated.

Of course, there are a number of other types of meditations that improve brain function, the respiratory system, and successfully combat insomnia, fatigue, anxiety.

Don’t choose the easy or fast path to your desired life!

Choose the CORRECT ONE! Meditate!  

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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness




Benefits and Myths of Meditation


Meditation is the only universal practice for success in any field. It is the tool by which we can control our thoughts. The more positive thoughts we hold on to, the more successful, realized and balanced life we will have.

Main physical benefits of meditation:

– Reduces physical tension
– Deletion of psychosomatic disorders caused by tension
– Stress prevention
– Lowers blood pressure
– Strengthens the immune system
– Visibly slows down the aging process
– Charges the “batteries”

The main benefits of meditation while working or studying:


– Improves concentration
– Reduces the likelihood of distraction
– Improves memory
– Makes us more receptive and easier to learn
– We make it easier to control ourselves in tense situations
– Helps to be more creative

Main psychological benefits of meditation:


– Calm
– Relief, comfort
– Helps to be more tolerant and sensitive
– Helps control our anger
– It tones up
– It takes away the worries
– It brings clarity
– Helps to be more confident in ourselves
– Helps for personal growth

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Along with the many benefits, there are several myths about meditation.


Here they are:

– Myth # 1:… there is no perfect meditation on all occasions for everyone.


Many people seek the perfect meditation. There is no such thing because in some situations we need to just pause our daily routine to exercise control over our own mind, while in others we need to prepare ourselves for the daily routine and goals we want to achieve. You can always use the right meditation for the specific moment.

– Myth # 2: You must go to Tibet or meet with a monk to begin meditating properly.


This is a myth that even Monk John has confirmed as a total misconception among people. You do not have to go to a special place to connect with yourself, and you do not need the physical presence of an enlightened one to do it properly.

It’s all about practice and trusting your body that it wants the best and with practice will recognize meditation as one of the best exercises for it. This will give you full access to its capabilities.

– Myth # 3: Ideal setting, time, place, and preparation for meditation are required.


These are also some of the excuses for people who stop them from meditating. People can always find a reason why an action is not done now, as well as find a reason why it should be done now. 

You don’t need special clothes, no special room or pillow. You can meditate while you wash your dishes, stand in a traffic jam, ride in a tram, listen to house or hip hop music, and even while you are at your workplace.

Being in a quiet and peaceful place, undisturbed by anyone is a plus, but it is not a factor to meditate on.

The truth is that you can hear and feel what you are focusing on. Try meditation for a while, focusing first on the closest noises and slowly move on to the farthest.

At some point, you will feel that you have gone so far as to ignore any close noise, even repair at your neighbors. At this point, it is good to realize that you had control of your mind and exercised it successfully, instead of wondering what the meaning of this exercise was.

– Myth # 4: While meditating, you should not think about anything.


The purpose of meditation is not to think of nothing. And to consciously manage your thoughts in order to achieve inner peace. If you know how to make peace in yourself, you will be able to achieve everything you know in the outside world without unnecessary strain.

For that, Meditate! Take advantage of its many benefits!


6 ways to a Balanced life and Happiness Free e book


6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness






So the reason for failure lies in your subconscious – you will only lose weight if you free yourself from thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goal. Psychologists have identified the most common thoughts blocking weight loss.

Here are the 10 of them

1. I tried to lose weight before, but it never worked.


This is the most dangerous thought that can go through your head. It immediately blocks any chance of achieving the desired figure. It is important to realize that previous failures are in the past, and today you are being given a new chance. You will need to overcome your insecurity to take advantage of it.

2. A day’s rest from the diet will not change anything.


There is some truth in this thought – a day’s departure will not change the overall picture in the long run. But in the given situation there is a danger of getting into longer breaks from the diet regime – from one day to two, three, a week. Therefore, you can only afford the ‘BRAKE’ if you are strong-willed and self-controlled.

3. I have already failed, it makes no sense to continue to suffer.


This thought follows the previous one quite often – after you risked a break from your diet for a day or two, or failed to resist the temptation to eat dessert. Small mistakes are not a reason to give up proper nutrition the ultimate goal is a slim figure. The important thing is to believe in yourself – today you have “surrendered”, but tomorrow you can abstain and continue.

4. I have been overweight for a long time and it will be much harder for me to lose weight than others.


Another thought that surely blocks the process. No matter how long you are overweight, it is never too late to try to get rid of it. It is very important, besides strong will, to have a positive attitude for success.

5. This is the last time I will ever bother with diets again.


Quite a dangerous thought. First, never say “never.” Second, the right diet should not be a temporary measure but a permanent healthy lifestyle along with the regular physical activity.


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6. If I take care of myself, I won’t have enough time for the family, the children…


A common excuse to give up. Indeed, taking care of the diet according to the diet menu, regular workouts and other procedures take time. However, you should not forget that as a result of your efforts, your loved ones will have a new person next to them – a beautiful, confident, healthy and happy one.

7. Following a weight loss diet and plan is rather expensive.


It seems so, at least at first glance. However, it is far more expensive to destroy your health by being overweight. Sometimes the damage done to the body cannot be repaid even with a lot of money. If you are financially challenged, you do not need to buy a fitness card with an instructor, you can download a suitable exercise program from the internet and train at home. Not all diets are expensive – choose an economical option and follow it. What matters is the desire and will, everything else is justification.

8. I feel good why should I lose weight.


This thought comes to our minds when we want to convince others, and especially ourselves, that excess weight is not unnecessary at all and we do not need to fight it. Similar are the thoughts of “So I like it”, “Fat people are good, slim – bad” and others. However, the problem is not only in appearance – being overweight leads to health problems, increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and motor disorders.

9. Both mom and grandma are full, I’m genetically burdened and can’t go against natural resources.


Yes, people prone to weight gain are much more difficult to lose weight, but it is possible. The key is to have the will to turn the process over to the benefits of health and beauty. Change your lifestyle – eat balanced, move more, overcome the feeling of inheritance.

10. Lose weight and then diet all my life so I don’t overweight?


This is torture, not a pleasure. A devastating thought – even the assumption that your favorite dessert, for example, will be banned forever, makes you quit before you start.

It is true that quite often the pounds return, but this is due to variability. The pleasure of the beautiful figure you see in the mirror should lead you to another unblocking thought: “There is nothing more appetizing than a lean body.”

6 ways to a Balanced life and Happiness Free e book


6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness






We accept the body and mind for two separate things.

We divide them and consider them to be independent. Some of us are following on the path of developing our minds and completely neglecting the body. Others do the opposite – they sculpt their body like an artificial statue, leaving their minds in the background.

Few of us think that the body and mind are unified. What we do to one affects the other. Only the synchrony between them leads to the results we want.

Nowadays, people have no problem with not knowing how to eat or how to exercise properly.

The problem we have is not in the lack of information but in our inability to control ourselves. An inability resulting from the fact that we are not able to listen to our body, follow its signals and give it what it needs.


Our body is our life history


Biography of the choices we made. The body is simply the material image of everything that happens in our minds.


The body never lies


Even when we are silent, the body speaks. Only those who are observant and wise enough can “read” a person, just by the way he looks. Looking at the shell, you can often understand what lies beneath the surface. As long as you know how to “read” the signs.


The body and the psyche are connected. What is hidden in the mind is ‘written’ into the eyes on the body.

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To do this, let’s look at the connection between being overweight and the mind.


The fuller a person is, the more space they occupy. Large shapes require more space.

What lies in such a person’s mind?


If you are observing people, you may have noticed that fuller people always feel as if they are lacking in attention. One way or another, they do not feel significant enough. Something in them constantly insinuates that they are not enough. There is a conflict between what they think they deserve and what they actually get.

Remember that the body always reflects the mental attitude. Therefore, it seeks to offset any one-sidedness and bring all to balance. If there is a deficit in the mind, the body tries to compensate for it. We do not feel important, we want to occupy more PLACE in life, the body reacts – the pounds accumulate. Our behavior is such as to support this purpose of mind and body. We start with uncontrollable attacks of hunger for food, that in fact is a hunger for emotions.

On the other hand, people who are overweight usually have some kind of trauma (mental) that they are trying to cover up. They feel hurt and want to hide it. Being overweight is kind of a cover. Being fuller so that you hide under the layers of fat. Be not attractive enough in the eyes of others so that you do not have to protect yourself.

So before we start dieting, we have to resolve our internal conflicts. Because our body is a reflection of what is happening.

We believe you deserve the best, but the one who can achieve it is only you. So stop wasting time do what’s best for you.

Reach the dreaming body!

You can do it!


6 ways to a Balanced life and Happiness Free e book


6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness