6 Hormones That Are Responsible For Your Fat Filling.

How To Deal With Them?


Men lose weight much faster than women and much easier.

This fact is indisputable and has long been proven by nutritionists. For years, you may be struggling with diets and sweating for hours in the gym and the result is unnoticeable.

Why some lose weight easily and others fail?


Have you tried your best to lose weight, but your efforts failed?

Maybe you should check your hormones. Women are very vulnerable to hormonal imbalances, food cravings, and slow metabolism at all stages of their lives. All three things, in turn, are affected by premenstrual syndrome (PMS), pregnancy, menopause, and daily stress.

Studies show that appetite, weight loss, metabolism, and female hormones are inextricably linked. Studying women hormones can help to control weight more effectively in combination with a personal diet and exercise routine.

Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable to hormonal imbalances than men.

Hormones affect women of all ages, as well as their biological cycle and daily life.

Hormone effect


The usual rule of eating less – spending more is only partly true. The main cause of overweight is metabolic disorders and hormonal imbalances.

The effect of hormones on human life is reflected in the rate of metabolism, the presence of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, and other physiological processes.

And the first thing you need to do before engaging in “self-monitoring” is to consult an endocrinologist.

A complex female body is always dependent on hormones. And in 70% of cases, the cause of being overweight is precisely the hormonal imbalance.




This hormone regulates appetite and is responsible for energy metabolism. It is no coincidence that it is called satiety hormone or the major fullness hormone.

Low levels of leptin lead to increased appetite and obesity. If there is a lot of fat in the cells of the body – the levels of leptin increase, thereby commanding the brain: “Stop!”.

And the abundance of leptin creates a high probability of thrombosis.


It is produced in the gastrointestinal tract and causes a feeling of hunger. It stimulates the nervous system and protects the cardiovascular system. If you eat often then you will have low levels of ghrelin, but anxiety and depressive stress will increase it.

Increased levels of the hormone in the absence of food reduce anxiety. It turns out to be a vicious cycle – after a diet, brutal appetite, and hunger wake up, which is very difficult to suppress.

Regulation of ghrelin and leptin

Therefore, you should eat 4-5 times a day, of which 2 meals will be light snacks. Special attention should be paid to breakfast, it must be mandatory.

Estrogen and progesterone

The effect of female sex hormones manifests itself after 45 years when women enter menopause. Low estrogen contributes to the deposition of fat cells in the abdomen. Low levels of progesterone cause the body to retain more fluid, which is why body volume increases.

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Disorders of the menstrual cycle and polycystic ovaries sometimes occur due to elevated testosterone levels. This leads to uncontrolled weight gain, the appearance of facial hair, acne, and infertility. During menopause, lower testosterone levels reduce metabolism, which also becomes a cause for weight gain.


It is produced by the pancreas and plays a very important role in the metabolism of fat, suppressing the activity of enzymes that break down fat. Insulin promotes the processing of excess sugar in adipose tissue. If you love sweet, know that excessive amounts dramatically increase your insulin levels, and as a result, extra pounds appear

Thyroid hormones

Thyroid disorders can lead to weight gain. Thyroid hormones are activators of fat cleavage. At low levels of these hormones, hypothyroidism develops – a disease in which fat deposition is dramatically increased. And with hyperthyroidism, there is exactly the opposite, a sharp loss of weight and a lack of nutrition


It is a growth hormone that promotes weight loss. Usually activates the separation of cells from fat and their cleavage. Low levels of somatotropin inhibit all processes in the body.


It’s called the stress hormone. The main reasons for its increase are stress and lack of sleep. Increased levels of cortisol enlarge appetite. To cope with this problem, many women eat sweet and feel relieved. Those who are constantly in psycho-traumatic situations often gain weight, even if they do not overeat. This is due to a metabolic disorder leading to overeating based on nerves.

Endocrine diseases, diabetes, increased levels of sex hormones are all closely linked to uncontrolled weight gain. In order to identify and eliminate the pathology, a special laboratory test must be performed.

Here are some tips to help you avoid weight gain:

– Eat only when you are hungry and at regular intervals;
– Consume food wisely and don consume unhealthy products;
– Avoid alcohol and sodas;
– Exercise regularly;
– Sleep at least 7 hours a day;
– Find a useful way to get rid of problems and stress;
– Consume less bread and dairy products;
– Drink enough water;
– Consume foods or supplements rich in vitamins and minerals;

– Check your hormones;

– Increase your metabolism, which after puberty begins to decline at different rates. Take advantage of the true story of a woman who used the power of the hormones in the female body, has found a solution and helped over 16,000 other women to lose weight successfully in the last year.

– Do not give up!

Do not choose an easy or difficult way to lose weight. Choose the CORRECT one and enjoy life!

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Is There A Relationship Between Being Overweight And Insomnia?


Have you noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, not only you are tired the next day, but you also need to eat more often than usual?

And when you are up late at night, do you often get “hungry”?

Perhaps you have the impression that when you have not slept peacefully and normally, the foods you eat are mostly fatty and high-calorie foods?


What is the relation between sleep and the attraction to certain foods?


We do this because there is a very close relationship between sleep and being overweight.


What is the effect of sleep on weight?


A study conducted in the US, involving 20 volunteers, found that insufficient hours of sleep categorically lead to weight gain.

The volunteers were divided into two groups, with one group not being allowed to sleep for more than 5 hours and the other sleeping for 7-8 hours. At the end of the study, all volunteers who slept for 5 hours were overweight.


However, the researchers did point out that it is not the lack of sleep that causes us to gain weight, but the fact that when we are awake, our body needs “fuel” and simply reaches out to food more often, and it is high-calorie, oily and unhealthy foods.


The reduced duration of sleep disrupts the production of orexin, a special substance responsible for metabolism and appetite. At the same time, it reduces the sensitivity to the hormone leptin, the hormone responsible for adipose tissue, again leading to increased appetite.

The results of this hormonal imbalance are overweight, fatigue, mood swings and more.


How many hours do you need to sleep?


According to research in anti-stress clinics, the optimal sleep time is 7 hours, because during this time metabolic processes in the body are most active and do not predispose to replenishment. If sleep is short (3 to 5 hours), this leads to fat buildup.


When should you go to bed?


This question is very relevant as each person has their own biorhythm and the time at which they go to bed is different.


However … if you do not want to gain weight, it is a good idea to create a bedtime regime. According to experts, 22:00 is the best time to go to bed if you do not want to gain weight. It is also worth remembering that between 00:00 and 03:00 our body produces optimal amounts of the hormone somatotropin, which is responsible for maintaining youthful vision and growth, so it is a good idea to be in bed at that time if you want to be beautiful and radiant for a long time.


How to get your body used to sleep under a certain regime?


– ventilate the room well before going to bed;


– Have a hot bath with sea salt or your favorite aromatic salts;


– play nice music;


– read one or two chapters of your favorite book;


– relax;


How does insufficient sleep affect female physics?


Unfortunately, not enough sleep not only leads to weight gain but also has a detrimental effect on women’s beauty.


It is not enough that ladies are more susceptible to obesity, and the lack of sleep makes them unattractive to others. In addition, little sleep also affects women’s brain function, energy, and concentration.


When women are not asleep, they gain in addition to pounds, pale, gray and loose skin, dark circles under their eyes, and a look that makes them look sick and sad.

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Factors affecting sleep in women



– higher levels of stress – more difficult to fall asleep.

There is evidence that stress causes greater damage to the female body than to the male body. Increasing levels of stress lead to increased levels of the hormone cortisol, which impairs sleep quality. In a normal situation, cortisol levels should be higher in the morning, after waking up, and should be low in the evening before falling asleep.

However, when women are stressed, levels of cortisol during the day and evening are high, which prevents them from falling asleep normally and therefore is increasing the weight of the ladies.

How to help yourself?


If you are also physically and mentally stressed and it is difficult to fall asleep, you can help yourself by as you become aware of the benefits of meditation and begin to apply it. That’s the way you will take care of stress relief and normalize your sleep.

  – increased brain activity – restless sleep


  According to studies in the UK, women use their brains more actively than men and therefore need longer recovery. The bigger activity of the female brain is due to the greater variety of activities that the ladies do during the day. This increases the fatigue of the psyche, which must be restored in the deep phase of sleep. However, for many active women, it is difficult to fall asleep as soon as they go to bed because they think of different things to do the next day. This makes their sleep restless, torn, and unhealthy.

– tired women burn fewer calories  

Lack of sleep is directly linked to weight gain in both men and women. Unlike women, high testosterone levels in men “save” them from the effects of lack of sleep and obesity.

The solution?


If you feel that you are gaining weight and you are nervous, angry, and quick-tempered, give yourself at least one day a week and pamper yourself with a massage, beauty treatment, or something you still don’t have time for.

If you want to restore your healthy sleep at home, try the following:



– Turn down the lights before bedtime because the light is one of the main regulators of sleep. When the light is strong in the room, it “enters” the eye and the body stops producing melatonin, body temperature remains elevated and prevents you from falling asleep.

– For dinner, choose foods and drinks that will not strain your stomach but which will suppress hunger. Dinner with protein is not a good solution for sleeping problems, but you can eat more complex carbohydrates – some potatoes, fruits, or vegetables.   – Do not consume caffeinated beverages several hours before bedtime. Instead, drink a glass of tea without sugar or warm milk.

– Take nutritional supplements with Vitamin D. A number of studies have shown that Vitamin D can reduce insomnia and improve sleep. This is due to the fact that the part of the brain that is responsible for sleep contains a high concentration of vitamin D, and the absence of this vitamin leads to sleep disturbance.

In no case do not underestimate the relationship between sleep and overweight. By solving the problem of insomnia, you may be happy to find that you have solved and one another problem – The Overweight.



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So the reason for failure lies in your subconscious – you will only lose weight if you free yourself from thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goal. Psychologists have identified the most common thoughts blocking weight loss.

Here are the 10 of them

1. I tried to lose weight before, but it never worked.


This is the most dangerous thought that can go through your head. It immediately blocks any chance of achieving the desired figure. It is important to realize that previous failures are in the past, and today you are being given a new chance. You will need to overcome your insecurity to take advantage of it.

2. A day’s rest from the diet will not change anything.


There is some truth in this thought – a day’s departure will not change the overall picture in the long run. But in the given situation there is a danger of getting into longer breaks from the diet regime – from one day to two, three, a week. Therefore, you can only afford the ‘BRAKE’ if you are strong-willed and self-controlled.

3. I have already failed, it makes no sense to continue to suffer.


This thought follows the previous one quite often – after you risked a break from your diet for a day or two, or failed to resist the temptation to eat dessert. Small mistakes are not a reason to give up proper nutrition the ultimate goal is a slim figure. The important thing is to believe in yourself – today you have “surrendered”, but tomorrow you can abstain and continue.

4. I have been overweight for a long time and it will be much harder for me to lose weight than others.


Another thought that surely blocks the process. No matter how long you are overweight, it is never too late to try to get rid of it. It is very important, besides strong will, to have a positive attitude for success.

5. This is the last time I will ever bother with diets again.


Quite a dangerous thought. First, never say “never.” Second, the right diet should not be a temporary measure but a permanent healthy lifestyle along with the regular physical activity.


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6. If I take care of myself, I won’t have enough time for the family, the children…


A common excuse to give up. Indeed, taking care of the diet according to the diet menu, regular workouts and other procedures take time. However, you should not forget that as a result of your efforts, your loved ones will have a new person next to them – a beautiful, confident, healthy and happy one.

7. Following a weight loss diet and plan is rather expensive.


It seems so, at least at first glance. However, it is far more expensive to destroy your health by being overweight. Sometimes the damage done to the body cannot be repaid even with a lot of money. If you are financially challenged, you do not need to buy a fitness card with an instructor, you can download a suitable exercise program from the internet and train at home. Not all diets are expensive – choose an economical option and follow it. What matters is the desire and will, everything else is justification.

8. I feel good why should I lose weight.


This thought comes to our minds when we want to convince others, and especially ourselves, that excess weight is not unnecessary at all and we do not need to fight it. Similar are the thoughts of “So I like it”, “Fat people are good, slim – bad” and others. However, the problem is not only in appearance – being overweight leads to health problems, increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and motor disorders.

9. Both mom and grandma are full, I’m genetically burdened and can’t go against natural resources.


Yes, people prone to weight gain are much more difficult to lose weight, but it is possible. The key is to have the will to turn the process over to the benefits of health and beauty. Change your lifestyle – eat balanced, move more, overcome the feeling of inheritance.

10. Lose weight and then diet all my life so I don’t overweight?


This is torture, not a pleasure. A devastating thought – even the assumption that your favorite dessert, for example, will be banned forever, makes you quit before you start.

It is true that quite often the pounds return, but this is due to variability. The pleasure of the beautiful figure you see in the mirror should lead you to another unblocking thought: “There is nothing more appetizing than a lean body.”

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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness






We accept the body and mind for two separate things.

We divide them and consider them to be independent. Some of us are following on the path of developing our minds and completely neglecting the body. Others do the opposite – they sculpt their body like an artificial statue, leaving their minds in the background.

Few of us think that the body and mind are unified. What we do to one affects the other. Only the synchrony between them leads to the results we want.

Nowadays, people have no problem with not knowing how to eat or how to exercise properly.

The problem we have is not in the lack of information but in our inability to control ourselves. An inability resulting from the fact that we are not able to listen to our body, follow its signals and give it what it needs.


Our body is our life history


Biography of the choices we made. The body is simply the material image of everything that happens in our minds.


The body never lies


Even when we are silent, the body speaks. Only those who are observant and wise enough can “read” a person, just by the way he looks. Looking at the shell, you can often understand what lies beneath the surface. As long as you know how to “read” the signs.


The body and the psyche are connected. What is hidden in the mind is ‘written’ into the eyes on the body.

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To do this, let’s look at the connection between being overweight and the mind.


The fuller a person is, the more space they occupy. Large shapes require more space.

What lies in such a person’s mind?


If you are observing people, you may have noticed that fuller people always feel as if they are lacking in attention. One way or another, they do not feel significant enough. Something in them constantly insinuates that they are not enough. There is a conflict between what they think they deserve and what they actually get.

Remember that the body always reflects the mental attitude. Therefore, it seeks to offset any one-sidedness and bring all to balance. If there is a deficit in the mind, the body tries to compensate for it. We do not feel important, we want to occupy more PLACE in life, the body reacts – the pounds accumulate. Our behavior is such as to support this purpose of mind and body. We start with uncontrollable attacks of hunger for food, that in fact is a hunger for emotions.

On the other hand, people who are overweight usually have some kind of trauma (mental) that they are trying to cover up. They feel hurt and want to hide it. Being overweight is kind of a cover. Being fuller so that you hide under the layers of fat. Be not attractive enough in the eyes of others so that you do not have to protect yourself.

So before we start dieting, we have to resolve our internal conflicts. Because our body is a reflection of what is happening.

We believe you deserve the best, but the one who can achieve it is only you. So stop wasting time do what’s best for you.

Reach the dreaming body!

You can do it!


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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness






We often hear this term and many people know what it is about, but not why it happens and how to avoid it.

If your goal is to lose weight, you may have heard of the yo-yo effect, and you may have experienced it. It manifests itself when you lose weight, but eventually, after a while, you regain the weight.


What causes the yo-yo effect?


If you want to avoid this problem, it is good to know what is causing it. And it usually comes after weight loss diets that drastically reduce your daily calorie intake.

When you deprive your body of energy-boosting calories, it adapts to change, slowing your metabolism.


Metabolism is the biochemical process that takes place in the body.


But after you finish your diet and return to your normal diet, the slowed-down metabolism, due to the high-calorie deficit, is unable to work through the nutrients and begins to store a large portion of them as an energy reserve.

For us, this is reflected in the well-known yo-yo effect – after weight loss.


Yo-yo effect and muscle loss


The amount and density of muscle mass affect the rate of metabolism because muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in the body.

This means that it requires a lot of energy (calories) from the body to sustain itself. While functioning, the muscles burn calories.

And the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn, because your body needs more energy. That is why strength training is an important factor in a weight loss regime – because it maintains and develops muscle tissue in the body and this improves metabolism.

However, after completing a drastic diet, we feel the response of our body to hunger – the rapid weight gain, and it is mostly from fat. This process changes the ratio of fat to muscle tissue in the body, and this is one of the key factors for health.


Muscle tissue loss is another problem of the yo-yo effect.


When your daily calorie intake becomes too low, your body starts eating muscle cells, and as you lose muscle tissue, metabolism slows down. This is the reason why low-calorie and drastic diets tend to lead to weight gain rather than weight loss in the long run.

Low-calorie diets simply temporarily slow down metabolism and are impossible to maintain.

Once the body goes into starvation mode, the metabolism slows down to conserve the little energy available. So that, every calorie taken is used efficiently. Your body tries to store fat reserves and instead burns muscle. Ultimately, the result is fewer calories burned and loss of valuable muscle mass.

Despite the attractive promises of speedy diets for rapid weight loss, in the long run, it is quite possible, and even inevitable, to regain the weight you lost and get a few extra pounds …

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The yo-yo effect impact on health


Yes, you may lose weight initially, but most of the weight lost is water and muscle mass. But in addition to weight loss being temporary, yo-yo diets have other bad effects – they can lead to depression and the development of eating disorders.

Cortisol hormone levels are also increasing, and in the long run, this can have serious health effects

In addition, reduced food intake also means a lack of vital vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and other substances that we need to get on a regular basis with food. Due to the lack of energy, you will most likely feel constantly tired and find it difficult to cope with daily tasks.


How to repair the damage to your metabolism


The good news is that fast diets do not delay your metabolism forever. Once you stop and switch to a balanced diet, your metabolism will slowly return to normal. It is also important to restore your lost muscle mass through regular workouts and a well-structured diet.

Avoid sharp and excessive calorie restriction. Instead, get yourself a controlled and moderate calorie deficit. You can do this using an online calorie calculator.

This will give you control over how many calories you are consuming per day and their amount of them will be tailored to the target, and the ham will not endanger your health.


 In summary


If you do not want to be one of the many victims of the yo-yo effect, you should speed up your metabolism instead of slowing it down.

You can achieve this by increasing your level of physical activity. You should forget about fast diets, and instead, strive to lose weight smoothly and safely.

This is the recipe that will bring you lasting results.

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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness




Extra pounds have more impact on the body than the scale shows.


Extra pounds have more impact on the body than the scale shows.

Weight gain over the course of a year may seem innocent, but it can have serious consequences over time.

Do you know that the taste of food is duller for overweight people? They are more likely to get depressed and anxious, have short- and long-term health problems related to breathing, conception and the heart.


Here are 12 effects of being overweight on health.




It may seem that you are gaining weight because the food you eat seems too tasty, but it is not true. Studies have shown that obesity decreases taste by 25%. This causes people to consume even more food as they try to taste the same rich taste as before from their favorite dishes.




Weight gain increases the chances of a sudden headache. People with obesity suffer from chronic migraines more often than others.

Important: Obesity does not cause migraines, but it is a risk factor, which means that it increases the chance of migraines occurring.




The body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but its high levels can increase the risk of heart disease. Weight gain causes the body to produce more cholesterol, increasing the risk of fat accumulation in the blood vessels.

Fatty deposits make it difficult for blood to flow through the arteries, prevent sufficient oxygen and reduce blood flow to the brain. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.




There is a great relationship between depression and weight gain. It has a psychological effect and causes depression, especially among women. Overweight people are 55% more likely to develop depression over their lifetimes than their weaker counterparts.




One of the most dangerous consequences for a woman caused by overweight is the increased risk of infertility. The extra adipose tissue leads to hormonal imbalance. This affects the woman’s menstrual cycle and the quality of the eggs.




Weight gain leads to a deficiency of Vitamin D, an important nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and stimulate bone growth.

It also helps in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, cancer, and chronic pain and fights depression. People with vitamin D deficiency experience muscle pain in many places. You may think you are getting enough Vitamin D through supplements and sunlight, but it can be diluted in extra fat.




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Weight gain is distributed throughout the body. Most kilograms affect the area down the throat and neck, causing the air passage to narrow. As a result, one starts to snore really loud.




Although our genes do not change throughout our lives, our lifestyles can affect them. Weight gain can alter our DNA and lead to dangerous consequences. This change leads to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes for both parents and their children.




If you started to visit the toilet more than usual, it may be a sign of kidney disease caused by the extra pounds. Obese and slightly overweight people are 7 times more likely to have kidney problems and even kidney failure.




Extra weight can cause stop breathing  during sleep – called sleep apnea. This happens when the upper respiratory tract is blocked during sleep and the airflow is reduced or even completely stopped. The brain sends a signal to wake up, and this constant awakening can make you lose good sleep, which can lead to more weight.




When you exceed your daily calorie limit and eat too much, the carbohydrate and fat molecules turn into fat by your liver. Consumption of additional calories leads to the storage of fat in the body and as a result, weight gain. To lose the extra pounds that your body has stored, you need to create a calorie deficit.




Weight gain puts additional stress on the heart and results in high blood pressure.   This increases the risk of stroke or developing dementia. Additionally, being overweight puts you at risk of developing diabetes. An overweight body uses insulin in a way that is not naturally intended for use. Untreated high blood sugar is very dangerous and in some cases can be fatal.


The reasons for weight gain can be varied. From excessive food consumption, immobilization, to hormonal imbalances, intake of some medications and thyroid problems.


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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness