90% of women have cellulite


Whether they are slender or rounded, 90% of women have cellulite they want to get rid of.

This “dream” is not unattainable, but desire to “win”, good reflexes and appropriate treatment are required.

Cellulite is “invented” by nature as a reserve of the calories needed for the child to survive in the mother while growing up.

Nature decides that all women, even the weakest, would have a similar supply so that they could breastfeed and survive in the cold.

Therefore, no matter how unfair it may seem to you, from puberty onwards, you, as a woman, are genetically programmed to “store” fat in your lower body.

Peaty but we do not live in those times when rounded hips and curves were a symbol of temptation. For good or for evil, not only the conditions of life but also the canons of beauty are changing.

Today, if anything, at least we are well-fed, we live in warmth and we don’t need those fat deposits.

But … you can’t change your morphology. It remains a consolation that the fat accumulated there prevents cardiovascular problems during menopause.

What is … “orange skin”?


Specialists usually refer to cellulite as loose fat deposits on the thighs, calves, and arms.

The roundness called gynoids does not always transform into cellulite. But under the influence of female hormones (estrogens), heavy eating and a sedentary lifestyle can sometimes inflate fat cells up to 60 times their size.

By squeezing collagen fibers, nerves and blood vessels, these enlarged cells impede blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

As a result, blood vessels pass some of the water and toxins out. The connective tissue is damaged and seeped in with fluid, inflates, hardens and “closes” the fibers and cells in a similar way to the way the filaments in the veal fillet are “packed.”

And to sound beautiful, we call it “orange skin”.

Why skin loses elasticity


In the case of excessive use of sweet and meat and insufficient fruits and vegetables, the body processes the poisons into acidic salts, which are deposited in the form of slag and lead to a loss of tissue elasticity.

Other causes are lack of oxygen and movement. It is not about heavy exercise, but light exercise and regular fresh air walk. These are some of the hypotheses for the causes of cellulite.


The six stages of cellulite


So far, scientists do not agree on where cellulite-norm ends and cellulite-pathology begins. There is no uniform classification. Some doctors identify four stages of cellulite, others six. According to most scientists, the initial stage of cellulite is a normal physiological feature of the female body.

Stage one

– small swelling. The skin is still smooth, but the fluid begins to retain in the subcutaneous fat. Wounds and bruises are more difficult to heal.

Second stage

– edema is increasing. Irregularities occur that are noticeable in muscle tension.

The third stage

– an “orange peel” is seen on the “contraction” of the skin. The fluid begins to compress the arteries. Superficial veins cannot cope with their activity. Blood is retained in the capillaries. Seals and bruises appear that are difficult to pass.

Stage Four

– Cellulite is clearly visible even with relaxed muscles. Due to a lack of blood, the skin in these areas is cold with a blue tint. There is a pain when pinching and pressing.

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The fifth and sixth stages


– Cellulite area increases appear on the hands. Perhaps the most correct is the opinion of scientists who say that the first three stages should be considered a cosmetic defect, and the fourth is already a disease.

There are three known factors that influence the appearance of cellulite – heredity, age, and lifestyle.

If women of your family have suffered from cellulite, it will soon appear to you as well.

Its development is also aided by hormonal problems, disorders of the thyroid and pancreas, circulatory disorders, metabolism, excess weight, poor nutrition, frequent stress, immobilization, weight play (known as the “yo-yo” effect).

Many ladies do not take this fact into account and, are often changing their weight, managing to turn the light cellulite into ugly cellulite.


How To Get Rid Of Orange Skin?


Remember that cellulite occurs where the muscles are inactive. If you don’t move, ignore sports and walking, “orange skin” will quickly emerge.

With intense muscle work, blood and lymph flow and the skin remains healthy and supple. So take the time to exercise daily, regularly. Cellulite increases with long-standing in the same posture.

– Use special cosmetics

The new complexes containing intense moisturizing components, valuable natural oils, and herbal extracts are very effective in combating cellulite: they prevent the ingress of glucose into cells and thus stop the synthesis of fats.

Preparations containing the active substances of brown and red algae act as drainage, preventing the accumulation of liquids.

They also nourish the skin and exert the necessary emollient, regenerative effect, because algae contain proteins, amino acids, various vitamins, and trace elements. But these preparations will only help you if used in conjunction with massages and regular exercise.

– By caffeine, regular massages and proper nutrition.

They undoubtedly also help in the fight against cellulite. For full and long-term effects, it is always recommended to combine them with exercise, regardless of the cause of cellulite.

Do not choose a fast or easy way to solve the problem. Choose the CORRECT – Exact physical exercises that target your lower body.

Do not give up!

Cellulite is a disaster, but it is not invincible!

It is up to you the cellulite to stay in the past and you to enjoy your beauty!

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Cellulite and Self-Esteem


Until a hundred years ago, women did not even suspect that their skin irregularities were ugly and that they had to deal with it at all costs.

Naked beauties smile on the canvas of the classics, and the artist’s mastery emphasizes every roughness on their hips.

Now, this is a real nightmare for any modern woman.


What does a modern woman do in late spring and early summer?

In addition to working hard in the office, at home and taking care of her children in her head at the end of spring, thoughts of how to deal with such hateful cellulite begin to creep in.

A huge scourge for female Self-esteem, cellulite is the main reason many ladies do not feel comfortable when wearing short skirts or pants and even in the greatest heat to wear jeans.

Because of cellulite, even going to the beach with a cocktail in your hand is not a great pleasure. Because when the long-awaited holiday finally comes and you are blissfully lounging on a sun lounger with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other, instead of enjoying the idyllic moment in your head, thoughts of what your body looks like in that pose come.

Are you crossing your legs so that your cellulite does not become a sight that pierces the eyes of others?


And these thoughts and passions are not a sign of low self-esteem, but quite normal, because the truth is that as much as modern ladies are confident, educated and emancipated, they are women, and for that reason, vanity is not alien to them.

In order to feel good, women must look good, which in turn requires dealing with the enemy with mainly “E” – CELLULITE.

Once there, can we overcome it, or is it a sign of a lifetime?

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Success lies in the persistence and the right combination of different approaches against disturbing dangers.



If you are on a hike against cellulite, arm yourself with patience and follow these tips:




– Drink plenty of water


This is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of poisons that are released after anti-cellulite treatments. By drinking at least two liters of water a day, we help the body to deal with toxins faster. Water is healthy and makes your skin beautiful and hydrated.


– Watch what you eat


All artificial and packaged foods contain added “enhancers” – tastes and flavors. They are not useful and some of them are forbidden to be used in different countries and will surely burst your orange skin. Try to eat lots of fresh and varied salads and fruits, raw nuts, fish.


– Dry massage


Practicing it is extremely important in the fight against cellulite because massage with a dry brush stimulates the movement of the lymph and helps to eliminate toxins from the body, move fluid retention and remove dead cells.


Use a massage brush with natural hard hair and a long handle. Start with circular movements from your toes up to your calves and hips.


When done, take a contrast shower, which will further stimulate your blood circulation. Finally, it is best to complete the procedure by rubbing the anti-cellulite gel.


– Avoid salt and sugar


Excessive sugar leads to the accumulation of fat cells in problem areas, and salt causes water retention, which in turn helps the fat deposits to form as unpleasant orange skin.


– Stop the cigarettes


Smoking has an extremely bad effect on the skin, and nicotine damages blood circulation at the cellular level. The path to beauty is the path to health.


– Exercise


Remember, quick and easy solutions lead to short-term results. To achieve true and long-term results, combine all of the above with the right exercises.





Combating cellulite is difficult and requires persistence, but it is not impossible.




Today, when beauty is elevated to a cult and is a leading factor in how we feel, it is even more important to defeat your enemy with a major “E” – THE CELLULITE!


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What emotional problems does your body aches suggest?


If you are wondering is there a connection between your physical pain and your mental state, the answer is a definite “yes”. When a person is psychologically unstable and takes on negative emotions, this can lead to the appearance of real, physical pain.

There is even a whole science that deals in detail with the interaction between the emotions a person experiences and the aches and pains that cause it. This specific pain is called psychosomatic pain and is directly related to our senses.


Fear, anger, and guilt can cause not only mental but also physical pain.


Many people suffer from chronic emotional stress without even knowing it. They accumulate negative emotions, and they try to hide their emotional state. Until it gives them physical pain. If you don’t want to suffer from the discomfort in your body, caused by personal problems, accumulated with years, you need to fight the emotions and get rid of the stress and emotional package accumulated.

The pain in the back part of the neck is related to the tension that you feel from your friends. If one of them is seeking forgiveness or you are in bad relations and you need to terminate your relationship, then the pain in the neck is normal. To stop the pain, just turn to your friends and forgive them. Also, this pain is typical when you ignore problems.

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If you suffer from a severe headache, then one of the causes can be stress. That’s why even if you drink pills, it is probably not going to help you. It is better to start doing what you love to do.



Up back pain



When you do not receive emotional support, from whom you need, especially from the people you want,  you can feel pain up in your back.  Pains there may occur when people are lonely, distressed or unloved.

One of the ways to get rid of this pain is to find people you feel good with. Do you know what an important role the spine plays in your health?

It turns out that it is the pillar of your health!


Low back pain



If you are stressed for financial reasons, you may experience pain low in your back.

If you want to remove this pain, you need to start spending your money wisely and with sense.

This type of pain will not occur frequently. But if you are experiencing it, then you need to know if your body is prompting you to lead a well-functioning way of life.


Thigh pain



This pain is related to the unwantedness of taking action to enhance your life.

It can be connected with the fear of change, but do not forget some of the most beautiful things in life will happen when you overcome fear.



Elbow pain



The elbow pain is born of fear of change, uncertainty, lack of self-confidence.



Pains in the palms



Lack of friends, bad attitude from others, a sense of rejection.



Knee pain


The knees “call” because of the Ego interferes in your communication with people. When you don’t get the deserved respect and praise.



Pain in the calves



Distrust of others, jealousy, tension.



Ankle pain



The ankle pain appears in the absence of pleasure in life.



Foot pain suggests depression



You, and only you, are the ones to choose how to live, whether in happiness or in constant stress, never forget it!

Life is good! Тhink positive because thoughts determine your happiness and health!

Rejoice him and there will be no pain!

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Deprive the body of carbohydrates, and it begins to burn fat.


This happens through a ketone diet ranked by specialists as a ‘be careful’ one because of the many pros and cons.

 Its principle is fat burning.  The goal is to lose weight fast but at the same time not to starve and be full of energy and in a good mood.

 Keto fans explain that by losing carbs and focusing on fat, you enter a phase of ketosis. This is a condition in which a carbohydrate-free organism searches for energy in the accumulated fat and begins to break it down.

 In the twentieth century, the ketone diet or keto diet was used in neurology for children with epilepsy, as well as for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. It was only in 2012 that Italian surgeon Dr. Gianfranco Capello launched it for weight loss and tested it on 19,000 patients.

 He through a tube in their nose delivered a protein solution, replacing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They lost 10 kg in 10 days, keeping that weight in the next year. Apart from fatigue, there were almost no side effects.

 So the keto diet can be used periodically or only once – the choice is yours. It recommends the choice of fatty foods, proteins and, almost none – carbohydrates.

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How to start


– First, learn what carbohydrates and good fats are.

– Look around for low-carb vegetables and a grazing animal meat shop. Explore hidden sources of sugars such as colossal salad.

– You do not need to immediately and completely remove the sweet stuff – a piece of black chocolate at the beginning will not hurt.

– During the first week of the diet, you may experience fatigue, headache, muscle aches, hunger. You can include a slice of bacon or cucumber with avocado mayonnaise to feed it between meals.


In the second and third weeks, you will feel much better.


Carbohydrate-poor and fat-rich menus will look completely natural and a habit for you.

By the fourth week, you can already see visible weight loss, especially if you are strict and physically active. This way  you can eat – beef steaks, bacon, pork leg, beef, chicken skin, nuts, fatty fish such as salmon, trout, carp, tuna, herring.

Vegetables – spinach, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli. Avoid – potatoes, carrots, turnips, parsnips. An excellent supplement are fatty foods such as avocados, olives, flax and coconut oil, eggs, milk, and cheese.

Cook with purified or ghee oil. Use Stevia sweetener instead of sugar. It is easy to understand what should be eaten and not eaten in order to follow a keto diet.   

 However, the lasting success of it comes when things happen according to a tried and tested custom daily plan that will turn the first critical month into a successful one! It is necessary to know whether he or she has entered a state of ketosis. Use the so-called cyclic approach – getting out and into a state of ketosis that works well especially for women to maintain results.

For this purpose, it is recommended not to follow the quick or easy solution, but the RIGHT one – the custom daily plan.

In addition to weight loss, fans of this regime emphasize its role in reducing blood sugar levels.

They also claim to have a beneficial effect on chronic diseases. However, critics point out that these types of regimes increase cholesterol and leads to nutritional imbalances, observed especially when following the regime without a clear daily plan.

The fact is it is recommended for rapid weight loss. The problem is to avoid getting the yo-yo effect, which is why we recommend using a custom daily action plan.

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What’s More Important to Lose Weight? Nutrition or Exercise


Perhaps the first question that comes in the mind of any individual who decides to change their physique is: “What really matters more nutrition or exercise?”

An interesting issue that besides trainers, has for long been concerning nutritionists, scientists and fitness coaches.

There has been debate on more than one occasion in an attempt to favor one or the other. Usually, the answer depends on the goals: reducing excess weight or increasing muscle mass.

The truth is, however, that nutrition and exercise are inextricably linked, moreover – they are part of the same formula – the one of success. Depending on your goal, it may look different, but it is always linked to the calorie balance between the calories you eat and the calories you burn. It is absolutely impossible to achieve any results,  without paying attention to both!

However, in certain stages, it is necessary to give preference to one component in order to increase the chances of success.


When to pay attention to nutrition and when to exercise?


Option # 1: If you are a beginner, concentrate on eating!


At this point, your muscles are not used to physical activity and almost every workout program can produce positive results in both increasing muscle mass and melting excess fat. Therefore, you do not have to strive to perform the most difficult and intense exercises.

Even the perfect workout program is not able to save you from eating errors!

On the contrary, a bad diet often makes the efforts you make in the gym useless. You will desperately train and continue to accumulate fat if you do not keep track of calories and macronutrients. That will prevent you from achieving your desired goal.

For this reason, if you are in the beginning and have poor knowledge of proper nutrition, you should first obtain comprehensive information on the subject. Nutrition should become your top priority. Improving nutrition, rather than a change in exercise plan, is more likely to contribute to rapid and quality progress.


Here are some basic principles of nutrition:


– Divide your daily calorie intake between 5-6 meals instead of the standard 2 or 3 meals;

– Eliminate non-nutritional foods such as trans fats and hydrogenated vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates;

– Replace them with “good fats” (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated in the right ratio) and natural, unprocessed carbohydrates;

– Enrich your menu by including complete sources of protein.

– This is the base without which you are nowhere. Once you lay the groundwork for future workout progress, improving your diet will be much easier and will happen on its own.

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Option # 2: If you are advanced, concentrate on your workouts!


The time has come when the diet is adjusted and there is no need to make any further changes in this direction.

However, in training, things are quite different. The training plan that you prepared at the beginning should certainly be changed periodically.

At this point, your body is already accustomed to a load of strength training. This means that if you have adapted to a training program relatively slowly so far and it has yielded almost instant results, then adaptation will happen faster in the future, and therefore progress will be more difficult to achieve.

But “difficult” is not equivalent to “impossible”. If it’s not difficult, then you’re not making enough effort, right?

What should become your primary goal is to seek out and apply new training methods that will challenge your body.

The good news is that the training variables to increase the effectiveness of the workouts are many – you can change the intensity, volume, series, reps, breaks between them, and apply different training methods such as superseries, pyramid, dropships and more.


So, for overall long-term results, first, adjust your diet and then your workout plan.


Remember that if workouts allow you to take a step forward, then eating errors always go back two steps.

Therefore, if you want to move confidently towards your goals, always remember the following:


Nutrition and exercise are equally important and should not be separated!


They go hand in hand, complement each other, and work in sync to make achieving our goals possible.

Reach the dreaming body!

You can do it!

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What does my body want?


Let’s understand how we can improve our bodies. What can we do to significantly extend our stay here? Not only that, let’s understand how we can make our bodies much better and more optimal? Live the way we always wanted.

To be healthy, have a lot of energy so that we can do whatever we want with our body. It is not our limit, on the contrary, it gives us full freedom and helps us?

To understand all this, we must first find out what its needs are. Yes exactly! Our body has needs that some of us are quite disturbing significantly. The human body, like the body of every living being, is infinitely more perfect than the most perfect machine ever bold.

Our bodies are made up of 100 trillion cells


Each one of us is a whole universe that we govern with the free choices we have, the decisions we constantly make.

Consider yourself managing a whole universe of cells.


Do not underestimate them, because each of them is a separate organism. In addition, each of them works in complete synchronization with all others.

Each of them is ready to give his life at any moment for the good of the whole organism, each of them is ready to die at any moment, so that you can be well, sacrifice for you.

The cells are just like us, they have needs, they communicate with each other, they know what is happening, they are ready to sacrifice for a cause (you).

Depending on the care you take for your body –

depend and the signals it will send you –

Overweight is a problem affecting an increasing proportion of humanity.

It can be a cause of many health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, some cancers, sleep apnea, liver disease, kidney disease, skin problem (cellulite, stretch marks, acne), pregnancy problems, and more.

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Being overweight also leads to some behavioral and personality problems.


Even we don’t admit it, there is subconscious discrimination against overweight people. Do you know that, according to statistics, overweight people find  harder work? They are also more prone to depression, low self-esteem and a number of other emotional problems. To prevent all this, do not forget about your body’s needs:

– Treat it like a friend because

“Your body is your temple”

Movement is life!

– Take its time.  Just 5 minutes of normal showers are not enough. Once a week perform exfoliation procedures, massages, manicures, pedicures.
– You are forbidden to speak badly about your body.  “What fat thighs I have”, “My ass is big” … this must stop! Negative thoughts lead to negative consequences!

– Thank for your body. Your body is your most loyal servant, who deserves a big “Thank You” for serving you faithfully and defining much of what you are. To thank him, practice regularly, practice your favorite sport. So you will constantly prove how beautiful it is and how many amazing things it can do.

Would you give your body everything it needs?

I think it would be in your favor to do it.

Reach the dreaming body!

The choice is yours! You have the power to turn your home (body) into your ally, with which to achieve all your dreams!

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6 ways to a Balanced Life and Happiness