Benefits and Myths of Meditation


Meditation is the only universal practice for success in any field. It is the tool by which we can control our thoughts. The more positive thoughts we hold on to, the more successful, realized and balanced life we will have.

Main physical benefits of meditation:

– Reduces physical tension
– Deletion of psychosomatic disorders caused by tension
– Stress prevention
– Lowers blood pressure
– Strengthens the immune system
– Visibly slows down the aging process
– Charges the “batteries”

The main benefits of meditation while working or studying:


– Improves concentration
– Reduces the likelihood of distraction
– Improves memory
– Makes us more receptive and easier to learn
– We make it easier to control ourselves in tense situations
– Helps to be more creative

Main psychological benefits of meditation:


– Calm
– Relief, comfort
– Helps to be more tolerant and sensitive
– Helps control our anger
– It tones up
– It takes away the worries
– It brings clarity
– Helps to be more confident in ourselves
– Helps for personal growth

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Along with the many benefits, there are several myths about meditation.


Here they are:

– Myth # 1:… there is no perfect meditation on all occasions for everyone.


Many people seek the perfect meditation. There is no such thing because in some situations we need to just pause our daily routine to exercise control over our own mind, while in others we need to prepare ourselves for the daily routine and goals we want to achieve. You can always use the right meditation for the specific moment.

– Myth # 2: You must go to Tibet or meet with a monk to begin meditating properly.


This is a myth that even Monk John has confirmed as a total misconception among people. You do not have to go to a special place to connect with yourself, and you do not need the physical presence of an enlightened one to do it properly.

It’s all about practice and trusting your body that it wants the best and with practice will recognize meditation as one of the best exercises for it. This will give you full access to its capabilities.

– Myth # 3: Ideal setting, time, place, and preparation for meditation are required.


These are also some of the excuses for people who stop them from meditating. People can always find a reason why an action is not done now, as well as find a reason why it should be done now. 

You don’t need special clothes, no special room or pillow. You can meditate while you wash your dishes, stand in a traffic jam, ride in a tram, listen to house or hip hop music, and even while you are at your workplace.

Being in a quiet and peaceful place, undisturbed by anyone is a plus, but it is not a factor to meditate on.

The truth is that you can hear and feel what you are focusing on. Try meditation for a while, focusing first on the closest noises and slowly move on to the farthest.

At some point, you will feel that you have gone so far as to ignore any close noise, even repair at your neighbors. At this point, it is good to realize that you had control of your mind and exercised it successfully, instead of wondering what the meaning of this exercise was.

– Myth # 4: While meditating, you should not think about anything.


The purpose of meditation is not to think of nothing. And to consciously manage your thoughts in order to achieve inner peace. If you know how to make peace in yourself, you will be able to achieve everything you know in the outside world without unnecessary strain.

For that, Meditate! Take advantage of its many benefits!


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