So the reason for failure lies in your subconscious – you will only lose weight if you free yourself from thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goal. Psychologists have identified the most common thoughts blocking weight loss.

Here are the 10 of them

1. I tried to lose weight before, but it never worked.


This is the most dangerous thought that can go through your head. It immediately blocks any chance of achieving the desired figure. It is important to realize that previous failures are in the past, and today you are being given a new chance. You will need to overcome your insecurity to take advantage of it.

2. A day’s rest from the diet will not change anything.


There is some truth in this thought – a day’s departure will not change the overall picture in the long run. But in the given situation there is a danger of getting into longer breaks from the diet regime – from one day to two, three, a week. Therefore, you can only afford the ‘BRAKE’ if you are strong-willed and self-controlled.

3. I have already failed, it makes no sense to continue to suffer.


This thought follows the previous one quite often – after you risked a break from your diet for a day or two, or failed to resist the temptation to eat dessert. Small mistakes are not a reason to give up proper nutrition the ultimate goal is a slim figure. The important thing is to believe in yourself – today you have “surrendered”, but tomorrow you can abstain and continue.

4. I have been overweight for a long time and it will be much harder for me to lose weight than others.


Another thought that surely blocks the process. No matter how long you are overweight, it is never too late to try to get rid of it. It is very important, besides strong will, to have a positive attitude for success.

5. This is the last time I will ever bother with diets again.


Quite a dangerous thought. First, never say “never.” Second, the right diet should not be a temporary measure but a permanent healthy lifestyle along with the regular physical activity.


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6. If I take care of myself, I won’t have enough time for the family, the children…


A common excuse to give up. Indeed, taking care of the diet according to the diet menu, regular workouts and other procedures take time. However, you should not forget that as a result of your efforts, your loved ones will have a new person next to them – a beautiful, confident, healthy and happy one.

7. Following a weight loss diet and plan is rather expensive.


It seems so, at least at first glance. However, it is far more expensive to destroy your health by being overweight. Sometimes the damage done to the body cannot be repaid even with a lot of money. If you are financially challenged, you do not need to buy a fitness card with an instructor, you can download a suitable exercise program from the internet and train at home. Not all diets are expensive – choose an economical option and follow it. What matters is the desire and will, everything else is justification.

8. I feel good why should I lose weight.


This thought comes to our minds when we want to convince others, and especially ourselves, that excess weight is not unnecessary at all and we do not need to fight it. Similar are the thoughts of “So I like it”, “Fat people are good, slim – bad” and others. However, the problem is not only in appearance – being overweight leads to health problems, increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and motor disorders.

9. Both mom and grandma are full, I’m genetically burdened and can’t go against natural resources.


Yes, people prone to weight gain are much more difficult to lose weight, but it is possible. The key is to have the will to turn the process over to the benefits of health and beauty. Change your lifestyle – eat balanced, move more, overcome the feeling of inheritance.

10. Lose weight and then diet all my life so I don’t overweight?


This is torture, not a pleasure. A devastating thought – even the assumption that your favorite dessert, for example, will be banned forever, makes you quit before you start.

It is true that quite often the pounds return, but this is due to variability. The pleasure of the beautiful figure you see in the mirror should lead you to another unblocking thought: “There is nothing more appetizing than a lean body.”

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